My Research Project – Reflection

Studying apprenticeship in Canada was an enlightening experience. It was similar to my other two essays in different but interesting ways. The religion paper had in common with it that it was a relatively scarce research topic especially in relevance to its Canadian focus. It was similar to my Historiography essay in that very little information exists regarding the focus of research. Still, it remains that prior to state mandated education developed in the industrial era, apprenticeship was the primary form of education for skilled tradesman and laborers.

It is unfortunate that little information exists for more research to be conducted. What observations we can make are so narrowly focused that they cannot be completely accurate. I was surprised and a little disappointed that children were indentured in Canada. In my opinion, even if they were taken advantaged of, those children who were indentured and taught by reputable craftsman still gained skills that were marketable and would provide them economy later in life.

I would be interested in exploring this topic further if the opportunity arises in the future.

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